Etiquette Corner Written By: LaToya Wilson

AAU 1532What does it mean to be FIERCE, FEAR-LESS, and have FAITH in 2016? These are characteristics for what it takes to thrive and survive in the global economy. The global economy requires individuals to continuously challenge themselves, take chances, and think outside of the box – while becoming a leader of their own destiny; and most importantly, their own community. These are the characteristics that we need to advocate to our youth, since they will be new leaders of the next generation.
First, these attributes encourage individuals to travel and experience a different world outside of their own. National and international travel is a foundation of developing an open mindset and working with a diverse group of individuals; something that is necessary to succeed in the global economy. Technology, coupled with globalization, is causing our businesses and organizations to develop partnerships in other parts of the world; therefore, understanding different cultures and languages is an asset. Traveling into different states and countries can be a challenge for those who are too apprehensive of leaving of their comfort zones. Challenges may stem from ignorance about traveling, interacting with foreigners, and the idea of handling a different environment.
Additionally, to be FIERCE, FEAR-LESS, and have FAITH will allow future generations overcome unintended consequences as a result of gentrification. Gentrification occurs when redevelopment of neighborhoods take place, and as a result, causes local resident displacements, changes in cultural landscape, and increased housing and resource costs. Since the policy is drastically spreading, residents are forced to make the decision of either working towards maintaining control, or sitting back and allowing others take over. The idea of redevelopment does not have to be a horrifying experience for locals if they participate in the decision and investment process. Also, it is crucial to have the opportunity of owning local businesses, and have enough income to afford new housing prices or maintain affordable housing. To be FIERCE, FEAR-LESS, and have FAITH will allow our youth to become a pillar of moving their neighborhood into the right direction. Part of the process is understanding investments and real estate. Such a knowledge will allow our future generation to make smarter decisions about home, business ownership, and credit decisions.
Finally, to be FIERCE, FEAR-LESS, and have FAITH is for youth to discover a career passion that will allow them to lead successful lives. As mentors, we will need to challenge our youth to reach their highest goals that align with their passion, instead of settling into a situation that will continue to cause despair in their lives. In order to know their passion, they have to recognize their strength. For an example, if an individual’s strength is the ability of solving problems, than that individual might consider a career in criminal justice or public policy. If the strength is creativity, then that individual may consider a career in arts and music. Our youth has to understand that once they follow their passion, money will come. Most importantly, we must provide guidance in our youth to own legal businesses if they display an innovative, hustling mentality. Small businesses are one of the main drivers of strengthening our economy, so it’s important to inspire youth to find the courage of owning their own businesses, and create jobs in their communities. Courage will allow our youth to look into careers that will allow them to police, defend, and expand resources to level the playing field for others.
In order to successfully accomplish and develop these goals and attributes, our youth must start to understand their value at an early stage. Understanding their self-worth will help them understand the meaning of becoming FIERECE, FEAR-LESS, and having FAITH. These characteristics are the perfect formula to produce trendsetters, innovators, and leaders of the next generation.


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