AAU/Parents & Teens Talk interview with Corey Jackson Written by: Chevonna Johnson, CEO-Host


AAU 1944
“Winning Is A LifeStyle” – Corey Jackson

AAU 1944AAU/Parents & Teens Talk hosted by Chevonna Johnson had the pleasure of interviewing Corey Jackson, NFL/Entrepreneur/CEO.   Corey’s journey resonated with me as I know it will seem very familiar to you.  Corey’s journey begins as a young man graduating from high school with academic struggles and working at Walmart for $7.00/hr.  Without a doubt in his soul he knew he had to conquer his DESTINY and knew his PURPOSE was calling him.

Corey couldn’t discredit the fact he was a very gifted basketball player and great athletic. Even though trials come and rebounding back for a car accident which shook him to the core after his car flipped numerous of times and he walked away without many scratches.  He realized with a “CERTAINTY” in his spirit he had to buy a one way ticket to Texas, leave everything he knew, loved and felt safe in his comfort zone.  Destiny was calling him and without a letter of confirmation he bought a one-way ticket to Ranger, Texas with his mind set on attending Ranger College.

This is were Corey’s story really encouraged my soul and #FAITH and #BOLDNESS would either leave him destitute and homeless in a strange place or HEAVEN and EARTH would align with his #DESTINY.  Corey bought a ONE-WAY-TICKET to Ranger Texas with no money to buy a ticket to get back home.  He was more determined than ever to get on that bus alone, little money and no place to stay.  Once he arrived in Ranger, Texas he cold called the Ranger’s head coach introduced himself and delivered an introduction about his excellent outstanding skills as a basketball player.  Mind you he has no tapes, no letter from his coaches from high school, but his persistence of engaging this coach would get him a ride from the bus station to the school.

Corey may have embellished his story as being 6’8 even though he is 3 inches shorter, once at the school the coach let him play one pick up game and shall we say the rest is history.  What I admired about his story is his tenacity, creativity, talent and gifts and when you hear him speak you will understand why he is were he is suppose to be today.  Your story may seem similar but the choices and decisions you make will CERTAINLY enact FAITH to push and propel you into your DESTINY.


Take a listen to the show.

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