You Have the POWER Written by: Lisa Rodriquez, TV Meteorologist, Fitness Model

You have the power to achieve your dreams regardless of your circumstances. Believe in yourself first and foremost. Write down your goals and make an action plan to achieve them, with an emphasis on education, having a strong work-ethic (desiLisa 1re to continue to work hard) and a positive attitude. Regardless of the obstacles you may face, if you do not give up, you will have a harvest of many good things ahead.

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor grew up in the South Bronx and lost her father when she was only 9 years old. Sonia’s path to success was sparked by watching a Perry Mason episode as she saw the power the Judge held. Also, Sonia’s mother instilled in her the value of an education along with hard work, a powerful combination. Sonia established an action plan and followed it all the way to the Supreme Court.

Decide what career you want, design your action plan to achieve your goals and then go for it. Pursuing a college degree should be at the top of your action plan. I can’t stress enough the importance of higher education. A good education is an essential tool for success and it will give you leverage in a competitive workplace. As you develop your action plan, you will need to include both long term goals and short term goals to chart your path to success. For example, once you select a dream career and the college that will get you there, you will need to achieve short-term goals such as maintaining good grades while in high school and preparing for your SAT exam, to help you meet college admission requirements.

It takes hard work to make an action plan, to stick with it, and to adjust it as needed – never losing sight of your dream. Strive to keep a positive attitude so you can see through the challenges that may arise and achieve the next milestone. Maintaining a positive attitude will help you get through the hurdles in life.

A positive attitude can create opportunities where you didn’t know they existed. I’ve been a TV Meteorologist for many years and as a result of having a positive attitude, I’ve been blessed to have many other doors open for me, providing a wide array of opportunities. Those opportunities range from hosting a cable TV show while I was in college to producing/presenting TV commercials and weather forecasts from my own home weather studio.

A positive attitude will open doors for you, but hard work will keep those doors open. Having a strong work ethic is essential, as everyone will experience challenges in his or her journey. That’s why you need to create a plan, follow it, and be flexible. If you have an action plan supported by a solid education, a positive attitude and strong work ethic, you will be unstoppable. You have the power!

Sonia Sotomayor:


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